Intention: Release fear, embrace love

What you bring with you into 2021, starts with the thoughts you allow in your spirit today. It’s what you say about yourself to others and what you believe about yourself. If you could clock how fast your thoughts run to self-doubt, you’d be running a mile under a minute. The only thing weighing you down is the stuff that’s in your soul. Things like words spoken, you thought had passed you long by, like pocket lint released to the air; only to find those same words cemented you to a memory. 

I’m Italian and growing up we had a family electrical supply business that sold among other items, ceramic insulators. All my Italian friends…guess where I worked? So, remember those grayish blue things on the top of wooden electrical poles? They’re called insulators. Made of ceramic or glass, they can handle immense electrical charges but drop them and they break. They are more fragile than they appear. You are more fragile than you appear. Send a large voltage and it tears electrons away from the atoms. It’s the electrical impedance and the amount of opposition when a voltage is applied. You can only fight fear on your own so long because fear impedes God’s love. They call it the breakdown voltage of the insulator because it can only handle so much. You can only handle so much alone. 

To me, people carry a voltage rating with their own “current.” I decided a few years ago to pack lightly collecting only positive people, the ones who actually free your soul. Certainly, 2020 did this for us all.

We hear a lot about your vibe and tribe on the social media diatribe. I guess that current could be their vibe. My spiritual discernment reads like a voltage meter and you know, I’ve been registering some negativity lately with a voltage source that comes from fear. Feelings of worthlessness and insignificance make you powerless against fear. Fear is a tool the enemy uses to steal hope. No weapon formed against you will prosper!

Being fearless is not simply the absence of fear. You’re fearless because of God’s perfect love which drives out all fear. After two weeks into our prayer guide, are you willing to trust me? I’m going to ask you to do something. BREATHE. Simple enough. I know you’re thinking, “I don’t have a problem with breathing.” You don’t. In fact, you inhale in preparation for speech, laughter, and a mix of emotions. The problem’s with exhaling. Releasing what you’re not supposed to hold on to is like breathing. It’s cyclical. Stay with me here, when you breathe the breath of God, the Holy Spirit supercharges you with a limitless supply of power.

I commit to:

Embracing God’s love and feeling the Holy Spirit’s power suffuse my soul! Praying and asking God to release me from relationships that hold me back or bring negative conversations and thoughts.

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