Words are art. A deliberate stringing of words becomes one of the highest forms of human expression when it gives a voice to our heart. Songs of my Soul is a collection of my prayers, musings and reflection. It’s the beautiful stuff found in showing God’s love and compassion in the face of all that is meant to steal our hope and faith.

I asked a young, creative and exceptionally talented artist, designer and photographer to create Songs of my Soul’s logo. My gratitude flows from my heart to Haley Hudgins because Songs of my Soul is an expression of my deepest pain and yet, scintillating moments of grace. My own website was deleted with no way to retrieve years of my writing. I think it was a near fitting conclusion to the 18 months of a valley walk, mountain march and wrestling match with God.

“In the morning shade of my garden grows a magnolia tree and gardenia bush. Their roots are intertwined and for what affects one, so does the other. This year, the gardenia grew high, throwing fragrant branches between magnolia flowers. Like a botanical garland of grace they flourished together. But how? Wouldn’t the hundreds of flowers sink beneath their weight? Behind the gardenia lies the answer. A tether that binds the two at the base well above the deep roots. A tree and a bush that bloom in concert; sharing each other’s strength.”

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