Intention: Serenity

Warning here. If clowns scare you, then you need to skip to the next paragraph. Remember Bozo the Clown and the weighted punching bag? I was doing some online shopping and came across a review for the Bozo Bop Bag. It read, “DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH SAND WEIGHT to bounce back. Once Bozo hits the deck, he stays down—every time.” 

I’ve felt like Bozo before. Beaten down and not enough faith to rise up. Stuck in a self-created spiritual sludge. My shame had made me a passenger and passive participant to life. Exactly where the enemy wants us to be. Anxiety and worry can hold you down but faith is traction for the soul. You can’t walk in faith to the throne of grace while believing the lies of the enemy. This duality doesn’t exist. 

Life gets busy. Time spent with God becomes less of a priority as you react to the immediacy of your wants and other’s needs. You may think by doing, that your activity gives you purpose. In stillness though, is where you are refreshed. The stronger your faith becomes, the more confident you are in your prayers and hopeful for the future.

We all want to rescript our past mistakes and sin. In a defeated place, the enemy’s narrative begins in your head. “If they only knew.” Instead, God narrative begins in your heart. The Holy Spirit doesn’t revisit your past because God restores you in the now to have a future with Him. He calls you His child and in Him, you are redeemed. When you struggle with the shame of your past or feelings of unworthiness, remember that God loves you and no one is beyond the power of His redeeming love.

I commit to

Feeding my soul with your redeeming love as I

My soul is a spacious place for your mercy and I will reflect this by

I will have an outward expression of my freedom in you through

Because my soul finds rest in your love, I am able to share this overflow to others when I 

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