Intention: Rest

Purposeful rest, unthreatened by distractions creates well-being in my soul. There was a time for over 18 months that I was crippled with physical pain. It forced me to appreciate the value of rest but it was a process. Starting with, I didn’t know how to rest! My anxiety constructed by barricades of emotional turmoil, made me constantly mind-full and not consistently mindful. The root word of anxious means, to choke. Anxiety had a chokehold on my peace while physical suffering, literally had me carrying a load that I could no longer bear. I felt the need to prove my worth to God by setting one task after another.

I am not sure at what point we stop growing up and begin growing old. I recently asked my dad his views on this. He told me that at 83, he only buys ripe bananas. He takes afternoon naps like a preschooler because at 3 years old, naps weren’t designed to “power you up” but to “power you down.” BC (before Covid), he would make a meal to bring to the local retirement home and visits the “old folks.” He still mows his grass, chops wood and loves grocery shopping. In fact, all the things that were chores when he was growing up, are what he still does. Given the similarities, I can either say that he refuses growing old or maybe he is still growing up. 

Three surgeries in six months and a month behind a walker last year slowed me. It showed me as well, that I am still growing up. How you experience and appreciate each day is up to you alone. No one wakes up with the intention of manifesting anger or lying but we can and often do. We are all growing up and maturing in our faith. I take the time now to not only have proper sleep but I won’t allow myself to run on fumes and you shouldn’t either. God intimately knows you and there is no contest for his love Rest knowing your worth is not quantified by your productivity by his great love for you.

I commit to:

You may have a career or family commitments where you can’t take a complete day or Sabbath. Find a time to rest and meditate at least 10-30 minutes daily.

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