Write a Better Love Story

Write a Better Love Story

I’ve told my husband Royal, that he’s actually been married to 6 different women. The 31 year old, first time mommy, who left the corporate world and became stay at home mommy to the writer, founder of Compassion That Compels. Each “me” was done with what I knew to be God’s purpose for my life. As the years have passed, I’ve lived more of the life that reflects my soul and the love of Jesus. I’m learning that my purpose isn’t static and unchanging. It’s dynamic and ever evolving. 

The constant in my life has been my compassion for the wounded and the courage for self leadership – being the most authentic version of me. Self leadership isn’t easy. It reminds us of our defining moments that shattered a fragile reality. Instead of creating defining moments with hyper focus intention, we were responding to them. Dreams rarely happen from the defensive position in life. They are sucked dry by an onslaught of negativity. 

I set a monthly intention and this month it was to “write a better love story.” Not simply in a romantic sense but with every vital relationship. Intention has several meanings and within leadership traits, it serves to act in a certain way, with RESOLVE or for what one intends to do or bring about. You may know of it for a prayer, mass, or pious act. And to flourish, you would apply this all in your outreach and personal growth. 

Did you know though, intention is also defined as : a process or manner of healing of incised wounds? Self-Leadership often involves healing of your wounds before personal growth and your ability to lead others. Oftentimes, the wounding is resurfaced in times of crisis, whether through a diagnosis, life shift or emotional struggle. For some, it’s the test that keeps presenting itself until we pass. 

As for me, writing that better love story meant starting with myself first. Self love isn’t a series of pampering moments, it’s permission to release the entanglements of expectations and embrace our human frailties. We all need a pause button on our often frenetic lives. Meditation, journaling, listening to music or a walk alone creates a sacred space to refresh. When we soak in His power, we saturate our souls with His peace!!

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