The First Millennial

The First Millennial

“So this is Christmas.” This line from the song loops in my head. It’s been stuck there like an undersized, peel and stick bow on a poorly wrapped gift. Then it slips to the next line. “And what have you done?” I don’t know what have I done, because I am not sure what I am supposed to do at times. Based on the glazed expressions on nearly every Christmas shopper’s face, I am not alone and  we are all completely saturated in consumerism. Well, that is unless it’s something I want, then it becomes stimulating the economy.

Being a kid at Christmas was easier. Like, Christmas 1975. Only one big gift on my list and a few extra cookies for Santa. A pink Huffy bike, “Sweet Thunder” with a padded banana seat, pink and white streamers, and sparkly spoke covers. I laid a wave of pink in every revolution of the tires. I can still feel the textured handle bars beneath my grip. I rocked my pink corduroy flares and vest with matching yarn hair ties too. I was in my glory and ready to show this gift to my friends.

Now, 43 Christmas’ past, I look at Christmas a little differently. I eat the cookies for Santa and assume that he likes eggnog lattes as much as I do. I see it as a season to celebrate the birth of a baby born to save humanity. This world changer baby was the first millennial. STOP, right there! Makes you think about it before you knock millennials again.

Christ was a gift to be shared continually with instruction manuals found in the Bible and maybe with a tag, “unconditional love required.”  At Christmastime, we receive the gift found laying in a manger but what about December 26th on? Make Christ the gift that keeps on giving by the love we show each other regardless of our flesh tone. His mercy is in the prayers offered up when our faith falters in a trial, the grace when we run far from God and feel so alone. It is the compassion that makes you stop scripting the homeless person’s bio and extend your view beyond an outstretched hand to the face of one of God’s children.

May you have a very, Merry Christmas and all the joy of the season!

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  • I love this!! Merry Christmas!! Let’s keep giving and loving all year long.

    Emily Jordan
    • Thank you, sweet friend! Here’s to a year of love!


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