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Exhale –

Exhale…because it’s often what we hold on to that clings to our soul and darkens our hearts at any time. Losing oneself is life getting the wind knocked out of you. Gulp air, seconds years before you inhale and exhale. Slow down for a moment and reflect. Breathe in the air and marvel at the miracle of life. Exhale all the things you hold tightly to your identity. This life-changing talk will inspire you to create those positive inner habits and change!

There’s no place like HOPE…how to live, lead, love, and dance —

Hope isn’t something you stumble across on your happy trail. In Kristianne’s latest talk, we take life on as the grand adventure it was designed to be. This two hour interactive talk includes a breakout session that brings us to that place called HOPE, as we decide how we’re going to lead and love.

Legacy Scaffolding —

What if every major life event became a platform for your legacy? Kristianne’s uplifting and humorous talk shows us how to build a legacy not just from what we’ve survived, but what we’ve overcome.

On the Other Side of Something —

How do we respond when cancer collides with our Christianity? What do we do when those we love and know as sister, mother or daughter become known by their medical record number and diagnosis? That’s when faithing begins. Join Kristianne as she lights a path of hope with love and compassion. Her nuggets of wisdom forged from personal trials, equips us all to live victoriously “on the other side of something.”

Steeped for a Lifetime —

Life as with tea, is a steeping process that starts when water infuses the tea, expanding the tea leaves, and a symphony of flavor begins. So often in life, we know what we don’t want to do instead of what we do want to do. Kristianne’s fun and humorous approach infuses her love of tea and desire to a create a life well lived and well-loved!

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