30 Easters

30 Easters

The colors of spring danced in the bright, fuchsia azaleas mocking the lingering sadness in my heart. I bent down to tie my running shoes and with a quick skip, I was off for a run. The sun pooled into the lake as the white shells crunched rhythmically beneath my feet. It was near Easter, twenty-one years ago on a New Orleans levee and a younger ME was putting as much sweat and distance from my sin, when I lost my footing and fell to the ground. I struggled in frustration to get up, as a trail of blood slipped down my chalky knees. Warm air and embarrassment settled around me and on that well worn path, I cried out to God to save me. That day, sin lost its traction to my soul. My life was redeeMEd. I love Easter because of this. Everything about it.

It’s an older ME this Easter. I’ve had many runs and conversations with God since that day. I was undeserving of Christ’s mercy. We all are. It doesn’t mean that I don’t sin or even from then, that I made all the right choices. I’m afraid that I’m a serial repenter in need of His grace on a daily basis.

I did a little math the other day and based on the average life expectancy and my current age, I can expect to live over 11,000 days. It seems like a lot but then the realization that I only have 31 Easters left sinks in. I came to the end of myself 21 Easters ago and collapsed in my Heavenly Daddy’s arms. In His love and mercy, God carried me to a spacious place for the redeemed and ransomed. (Isa. 35:9). He pulled me from a pit and crowned me as His daughter, with love and compassion. (Psalm 103).
Jesus Christ’s blood was the ransom for my soul and yours. I never fully understood the finishing work that Jesus did on the cross. Through His life, death, burial and resurrection He left nothing undone when He redeeMEd us all.

Today, I pray that you place your HOPE on the grace fully given (1 Pet 1:13-25) and surrender to the open arms of your Savior, Christ Jesus. As He pulls you close and whispers a love song to your soul, look closely because He’s engraved your name on the palm of His hands. (Isa. 49:15-16)

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  • That was beautifully written and I’m yearning for more. You should write a book.


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